About Jakub Fabijański

I spent my early childhood in Poland and Germany. Australia has been home since migrating here with my family when I was six years old. Fast forward thirty-something years and I’m now living in a beautiful country town with the two biggest loves of my life, my wife Ania and our four-year-old daughter, Olivia.

When I’m not busy editing wedding photos, I’m usually out with my family, exploring everything our four year-old finds fascinating, continuously taking pictures and documenting our lives. I’m often working on some kind of personal photography-related project and I spend quite a lot of time in a darkroom, making traditional black and white prints.

For a little insight into my less-wedding-related photos, please take a look at my personal Instagram account – instagram.com/jakub_fabijanski

I am passionate about documentary photography and weddings provide an amazing visual and honest narrative. It’s always rewarding to know that at every wedding I’ve had the honour and privilege of attending, I have taken a small part in creating family history. It is this passion that drives me to continue doing the best job that I possibly can and to pour all my creativity into every single photo I take.

So, that’s enough about me, I now invite you to tell me more about you! If you like what you see here or if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch via my contact form and let’s organise a time to chat soon!